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Thread: Does anyone know this "weapon"?

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    Question Does anyone know this "weapon"?

    Its name is "Tibetan Vajra Pestle". It was collected by a friend of mine when he traveled in Tibet years ago. He told me that it was Dharma ware for Tibetan Buddhist to worship. But I guess it is a kind of weapon from its shape and form. So has anyone seen this before and is it a kind of weapon or something else? Thank you!

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    Yes that is a sort of weapon... to kill spirits!

    I do not think there is an spiritual subforum but you can try the Asian one.

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    I believe that the excessive decorations and blunt edge give away the weapon's purpose which can only be symbolic for ceremonial or spiritual reasons like a dubbing sword for example...

    Not an actual weapon to be used in combat

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    This ish "kongôsho" ,sir. I give suitable gatha .

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    To me, this looks like a cross between an axe and a vajra. The vajra is a symbol of lightning, or "divine fire" that destroys evil and banishes darkness. Interesting, since many cultures symbolise lightning as axes or hammers.

    Either way, it's only a weapon in a symbolic sense.
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