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Thread: Sword rack project

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    Exclamation Wow!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by David Critchley View Post
    I use the same approach Rob, but I hang the spadroons and smallswords vertically under the sabres.
    As mine is a cabinet the heavier straight swords cutlasses and 1796 heavy cavalry patterns are hung vertically on the side walls. The 1788 LCs are on the right door because of their length.

    Hey David,
    In a word, "WOW!!!" Your collection is very, very impressive. I love all of the lion-headed pommels. I've been dabbing the drool from my chin for 5 minutes!

    Frankly, I admire soooooo many of the collections shared in this thread (like ALL of them), that I really should have replied to each of you guys. Even so, for the sake of brevity, I will simply say, "Really fine collections, all of you Gentlemen!"
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    I'm still using the hall tree for mine. Hmm...

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