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Thread: 18th Century Western Sword Admiration Society

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathey Brimage View Post
    CAVALRY ENGLISH DRAGOONS Light sword, circa 1750 - 60. Rare style of grip. The hilt consists of a dish, two side bars, and a triangular guard on the knuckle bow. Straight single edged blade 32 1/2 ins. (82.5 cm), bears a running wolf mark.

    Cheers Cathey
    Cathey, thanks for sharing! We have similar interests. This particular dish-hilt sword is interesting in that all of the others I have seen of this hilt style have had Harvey blades on them and were clearly made in Birmingham. Yours has a German blade, but I still suspect it was hilted in Birmingham. nice swords! tr

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    Hey! I just joined here and I'm very interested in 18th and 19th century swords, particularly British swords. I also enjoy colonial swords of the American Revolution and swords of the American Civil War. I've been reading this thread and have really enjoyed the great pictures and insightful posts, I have really learned a lot!

    I have several sabers in my collection, mostly reproductions of Civil War swords, but I also have one or two reproductions from earlier swords.

    Thanks to Morgan for showing me this thread!

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