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Thread: For Sale: Pair of Chinese Hudiedao (Wing Chun Broadswords) - 20th Century

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    For Sale: Pair of Chinese Hudiedao (Wing Chun Broadswords) - 20th Century

    Up for sale is a pair of excellent condition estimated early - mid 20th century Chinese Hudiedao (Wing Chun Broadswords, aka Bat Jaun Dao). I bought these from a seller from Australia and he told me they were from China, early - mid 20th century.

    I cannot confirm the exact date of manufacture; because I am unable to remove the guards and examine the tang. However, the end of tang has been penned, which to me means the sword maker knew what he was doing when he made these.

    This pair is the more common slashing style swords with a more pointed tip for thrust and is a length more designed for the Wing Chun practitioner rather than say Choy Li Fut style.

    The guards are made of brass, which I hand polished to show off the color and clean. I am unable to determine if the actual blades are of laminated construction, but they are made of steel instead of aluminum. From looking at them from the spine down there appears they may have some lamination though.

    The blades appear to have been lightly sharpened at one top, but are not razor sharp. There is some light edge damage due to probable use before. They have a nice ring when struck.

    The leather on the right side handle is a bit loose and there is about a four-inch strip of the center seam of the scabbard that is loose, but could be glued back.

    This piece would be great for display and they have a nice balance and feel for forms practice.

    Approximate Dimensions:

    Blade Length: 13" = 33.02 cm
    Overall Length: 17 7/8" = 45.4 cm
    Handle Length: 3.5" = 8.89 cm
    Thickness at Guard: .125" - 3 mm
    Height at Guard: 2.25" - 5.72 cm
    Point of Balance: 2.25" = 5.72 cm
    Weight right sword: 19.03 oz = 539.53 grams
    Weight left sword: 19.13 oz = 542.39 grams

    Cost is only $324.95 USD, and includes shipping/insurance for delivery in the CONUS.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Back of blades by guard.

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    Sold pending approval.

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