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Thread: ANTIQUE KUKRIS (UK BASED) For sale or swop

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    ANTIQUE KUKRIS (UK BASED) For sale or swop

    I have multiple antique / vintage authentic kukris for sale. I hate parting with these but need the cash / space. Due to the current climate ive set them at what i see to be low pirces. I was hoping to get more than what ive asked on ebay till i found to my horror the idiots have banned all uk sales of blades of any type!

    I am based in the UK, but will ship overseas at buyers own risk. Prefer payment via personal cheque, but will accept paypal, or cash on collection in person.

    Im happy to entertain any interesting trades.

    KUKRI 1 = 15inch approx total length, blade = 10.5 inchs approx. Very sharp, lovely wooden mounts and accesory knives of high quality Blade in perfect condition, only minor marks expected with age, no chips / dents / active rust. This is a special kukri, one of my faves. £90.

    KUKRI 2 = Small indian / nepal army type kukri. Age patina and 1 x very small chip in blade. This baby is stupidly sharp and to make it even more dangerous it has no scabbard! Please handle with care! 12.5 inch length in total approx. Blade is 8.5 inchs approx. £25

    KUKRI 3 = Amazing monster of a Diu Chirra (twin fullers) Nepalese Kukri. Approx 21inchs in total, with approx 17 inch blade. Some minor rust on blade that i have treated and no longer seems active (you will need to keep well oiled though). Comes with 2 x accesory knives and leather scababrd. £85

    KUKRI 4 - Huge kukri. Approx 21 inch total, 16.5 inch approx blade. Quality fittings and carvings. Well made and unusual scababrd. Blade has no marks and scratchs, no rust. No very sharp. £70 (definately has age to it, although possibly buttcap is more recent addition?)

    Postage is £6 per kukri. Possible discounts if buying more than one. Or like I said someone could take all these kukris (and I have more) in a possible trade.

    I have another 10 - 15 kukris of higher and lower quality that I might be listing dependant on how these go (and coould include others in any potential swop deals)

    Contact me with any questions / offers.

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    Pm'd you

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    wow, better response than i expected with the current doom and gloom economic reccesion we are in!

    Kukri 1 is sold pending payment.

    Kukri 3 is sold pending agreement of swop.

    Kukri 2 and 4 still for sale. Once those go, I will list another batch of 4 or 5.

    (had few questions ref offers. Basically if it is sharp and pointy, and has age to it, then try me!)

    P.S - It seems i cant edit post above. Kukri number 4, the description is meant to read 'has a few scratchs and marks, but no rust, not very sharp'
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    ok kukris 1 & 3 now sold (to the buyers, it was apleasure dealing with you both)

    All the opionions I am getting on kukri number 4 is that although a very nice kurki, it is of the modern era (last 20 years).

    The 2 x remaining kukris can be had a £50 the pair, + postage. Cant go less than that, and considerably less than they cost me. Just want them cleared out before I start selling anything else.

    Or both could be swopped. Open to offers. Would like a nice bayonet, particlulary enamoured with the german ww1 butcher bayonet if anyone has one.

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    Just would like to say that as somebody who has handled kukri number 4, it is a huge beast of a kukri but it has a really good balance and feels light. The grip is also excellent and feels really comfortable.

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    (£50 for 2 nice kukris, grab them quick before i decide to keep then instead)

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    Fair Deal

    Bump for two authentique kukris for a very fair price !
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    Remaining Kukris

    PM sent last evening.

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    all kukris now sold except for number 4.

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    No. 4 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Hart View Post
    all kukris now sold except for number 4.

    Have you sold No.4 ? I PM'd you but no response

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    apologies for late response, yep 4 still for slae, pm sent

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    I'll might be interested in buyin kukri, let me know when you have another batch to sell.


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    have you got any left?


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