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Thread: Han dynasty jian and ring pommel swords.

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    Han dynasty jian and ring pommel swords.

    Hello everyone.

    Sorry if this thread has already been made,but I would like to discuss the Han dynasty iron ring pommel swords and the Iron jian.
    More specifically the size of these swords.

    I have seen examples over 100Cm long but also smaller examples of about 50 or 60 CM.
    Which were used for what wouldn't a +1m sword be very unwieldy on a battlefield or were they used by certain troops? Same goes for the jian they seem overly large especially considering people then weren't all that tall to begin with.

    Below are a polished and treated version of the larger ring pommel swords above 95cm.

    Also any good recommendations on books about these swords I mean in depth and not 1 picture of a part of a book on Chinese history?

    Thank you and kind regards
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    It is said that there once a Japanese King used it before in the war...some chinese seller about a fugly looking fake katana.

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    It's pity there's no specific study book focus on this topic. But it's true most of the Han dynasty jian or ring pommel swords are longer the 100cm.

    I collect many Han Jian and sword. I think the reason they are so long is all about the way people fight. Before Han Dynasty, people uses bronze jian which is about 40cm~60cm and Han Dynasty is a combination generation soliders armed in both of bronze and steel sword. Longer steel sword or jian definitely brings terrible advantage in coverage in battles.


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