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Thread: Iaito Japanese Sword replica for sale and more

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    Iaito Japanese Sword replica for sale and more

    So I am selling my Dotanuki Iaito japanese sword, Exactly the samething as in the following link: The lenght of the blade is 2.45 shaku (or 29.2 inches).

    I used it no more than 10 times, the sword is in mint condition. I had to stop practicing Iaido because of a shoulder injury. And now I am moving and need to sell my Iaido stuff.

    I am selling the sword also with a carrying case padded with red felt inside and it can allow 2 swords to be carried inside and also I am putting an ornamental sleeve to put the sword inside... All that for $500 CAD

    I am selling also the Hakama (size 27), the Obi (belt) and the Gi (size 6). If you are not familiar with those size, the kit (top and bottom) fit a person who's in between 5'10'' to 6'3'' tall.

    I am selling all that: the sword, the Hakama, the Obi, the Gi, the carrying case, the ornamental sleeve plus I am adding a duffle bag for carrying the suit and a thin pair of knee pads...all that for $575 CAD (plus shipping)!

    That is a real bargain! I need to sell it and quick.

    I live in Montreal, QC in Canada so if someone would be interested for a local pick-up instead of shipping, please let me know!

    So for those of you who are interested either PM me or send me an email.

    P.S: Don't forget I am asking for Canadian dollar so for you guys outside Canada it is even a greater deal!

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