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Thread: Homemade Philippine Bolo?

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    Homemade Philippine Bolo?

    This one came along with the Tenegre described in my other post. The blade is 14 inches and with the grip it's 20 inches overall. It also has a horn grip, but this one's not carved. The tang of the blade is secured to the grip with a square metal "washer," over which the tang has been peened. The ferrule is quite crude; basically a piece of iron strapping rolled to suit and brazed on the joint. The spine of the blade is 5/16-inch thick at the ricasso, and the blade is still very sharp.

    The wooden sheath is quite well-crafted, with a convex center rib. The two halves of the sheath are held together with copper rivets. Someone has impressed a decorative brass letter "A" into the wood at the mouth of the sheath.

    Also, three letters -- R.P.A. -- are crudely engraved into the spine of the blade. RPA: Royal Philippine Army? Revolutionary Proletarian Army?

    Thoughts anyone?
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    Well, the initials are most probably just the initials of the original owner. That's why the "A" repeats itself on the scabbard.


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