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Thread: Cold Steel Nagamaki

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    Cold Steel Nagamaki

    For sale is a Cold Steel Nagamaki. The company calls it a Nodachi but it clearly is a Nagamaki, we all can see that. Sword is in perfect condition. Never been used to cut any objects, only some suburi practice.

    Weight: 69.6 oz.
    Blade Thick: 5/16"
    Blade Length: 34"
    Handle: 23" Samé black braid cord with brass Menuki
    Steel: 1055 Carbon
    Overall Length: 57"
    Sheath: Black Lacquered Wood w/blue violet cover bag

    As you can see, this is a massive blade. Fully functional as well. Cold Steel is known for making strong and fully functional swords for more affordable prices. Regularly retails at $800.00

    Selling for $430 shipped.

    Pics are forth coming but I want to just list it first to see if there is any interest. The blade looks like the regular store photos used by the company. I've bought and sold swords in this forum so I can be trusted, but I'll get to some photos soon as I have the time to do it.

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    thank God somebodys calling it by what it really is and not by that misplaced name they gave it. clearly not a nodachi.... heck, even the nagasa length isnt long enough to qualify.
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    Yes, the O Katana is bigger than this one in terms of blade length, but they are totally different blade shapes, as you know. I find the Nagamaki to be surprisingly agile, especially compared to Cold Steel's O Katana (which I also liked). You can really play it quick with the long tsuka. The O Katana felt heavier than this one too. Probably due to the tsuka being a counter balance. Either way, I can use the Nagamaki with one hand which makes for some fun training.

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    Forgot to mention. Paypal accepted, I'll eat the fees.

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    Best deal on the internet already for this sword, price drop to $425.

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    Drop to $420.

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    price drop, last one at least for a while, to $415

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    $400. Any takers?

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    Got a few PM's on this regarding international shipping--it will be way to expensive to try to ship something this big overseas, so no can do.

    Last price drop to $390 and last chance on this item.

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    I think you'd be surpised, i had one shipped to my door for a very reasonable price after you advised you wouldn't.
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    From the company? Good for you. For me it would cost well over $100 just in shipping alone from UPS.

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    Hi chris, is the sword still for sale? I'm very interested in buying it.


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