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Thread: For Sale: Albion Conan Atlantean

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    For Sale: Albion Conan Atlantean

    I have for sale an Albion Conan Atlantean Destroyer. The sword is unused, and for display only. The scabbard is included with the purchase price as a freebie incentive.

    Comes in original shipping crate with certificate of authenticity. Shipping & paypal fee's apply.

    Asking price: $2,995 obo

    Email me:
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    sharpened? if yes by who? Jody Samson? Albion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by henry freund View Post
    sharpened? if yes by who? Jody Samson? Albion?
    Sharpened on order. So whoever sharpened them at Albion be it J.S. or Albion, it was sharpened upon the original order.

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    To the best of my knowledge they were all sharpened by the late- Mr Jody Samson - RIP.

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    I can confirm that Jody sharpened it. All of the Conan swords were sharpened by him, and I know for certain they were when I was Filmswords cutler as well as when I worked in the bladeshop.

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    The sharpening on this is excellent as only a master such as Jody could do.

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    Feel free to make any offers, as everything within reason will be considered.

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