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Thread: 5160 Ultraflex Bainite Custom Katana

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    Arrow 5160 Ultraflex Bainite Custom Katana

    Anyone ever seen this? Looks like one hell of a sword. Developed by a group named Ars Cives. Too bad its only one of a kind

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    antonio cejunior (the man who designed that katana) ued to post on here a lot. he's one of the really knowledgeable people whose posting presence sfi lost a few years back.

    joe walters (the smith) used to be an up-and-coming smith with a pretty solid following. i have no clue what he's up to these days but it seems every few years something new pops up from him. i remember when joe first announced the 5160 blades, and i remember when dojo swords was announced. it just didn't quite take off, unfortunately. i'm not gonna lie, though, i'm not too fond of the mount.
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    I think that a change to a somewhat larger Tsuba would make a big difference to the appeal of this blade. Something hexagonal-ish would complement the kashira and offer better hand protection and visual balance.

    I wonder if they meant a martensite edge rather than a bainite edge. Seems to me that bainite wouldn't be as hard as martensite, but harder than pearlite.

    It is a nice clean design, I'd just like a bigger tsuba....I also favor a shorter tsuka, but since I can't even begin to afford such a thing, it's all just academic to me.
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