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Thread: sabre/epee de deuil

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    sabre/epee de deuil

    Hello everybody - my first post in the new forum!

    Anyway, I seem to remember there was a thread in the old forum about an epee de deuil, or a "mourning" sword. In fact I am now thinking of investing in a French sabre de deuil but I can find nothing on this subject in any of my reference books. I rather think this is because such "mourning" swords are generally more associated with smallswords rather than military swords but can anyone point me in the direction of a reference?



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    You might try searching "Mortuary-hilted." This will probably turn up a few more hits.

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    Thanks very much for the tip but I rather think the "sabre/epee de deuil" is slightly different from a "mortuary hilt". As I understand it, it was fashionable to carry the former during Napoleonic times as a token of respect to someone close who had died. The true "mortuary hilt" originates from the time of Charles I of England when it become popular in some circles to carry a sword bearing a potrait/bust of the executed king on the hilt. Any more info or comment would be most welcome.



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