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  1. Limit on uploading pictures.

    1. There is currently a hard limit of 5 attachments per post/comment. These could be any of several files types but are mostly images or pictures.

    2. If you upload your images or pictures to your Album, found in your Profile page, there is no limit to how many you can reference in a post/comment. So if you need to deal with more than 5 images then I would encourage you to use your Album. Frankly I would encourage everyone to use your Album if at all possible because then you would ...
  2. How to upload pictures

    There are a few different ways to upload a picture or attach one to a thread post/comment.

    1. Users have access to a 'picture gallery' or 'album' through their profile.

    a. click on "My Profile"
    b. left hand side of the window will show an "Albums" section. Click on the name of the Album
    c. on the toolbar you will see 'Upload Pictures', click on that.
    d. click on 'Add Files'
    e. click on 'Select Files'
    f. navigate ...