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    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing! It makes me want to make some orders with you actually, to compensate your dislike in disclosing how you work your swords out. I'll since now on fully recommend your swords to my students and friends.
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    I enjoy reading this post very very much! Thanks for sharing your how's with us! I appreciate such information disclosure!
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    Great stuff, John!! Awesome to see 'behind the scenes' of the shop!
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    Thanks for another great entry and the additional photos!

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    These two sword blades turned out mint, so not only am I relieved but there will be a couple people happy as well. I hope they will feel it was worth the wait. It's a pretty touchy thing this etching duty, but somebody has to do it
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    Here are some pics of the acid etching process, with the resist already developed and touched up and ready for tape:

    DSCF0031 (Medium) by LongshipArmoury, on Flickr

    DSCF0032 (Medium) by LongshipArmoury, on Flickr

    DSCF0033 (Medium) by LongshipArmoury, on Flickr

    DSCF0023 (Medium) by LongshipArmoury, on Flickr
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    Yes that is my pride and joy. I miss Freddy so much but I can always push a button and hear him after a heat treat or something Yes David, Gwailas was the first online custom sword. You were my first customer that I got from SFI. You talked me into joining SFI. Before that I was mostly doing stuff for reenactors and custom knife shows. Like to keep it going but I gotta go dry my eyes
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    John, you have to keep this going! really GREAT stuff here!
    I know I probably come off sounding like an "Odin lover" but.... by god.... I AM! and there is a reason behind it!
    That photographic "look around" your shop tells VOLUMES of your STYLE! and I think Im not the only one here when I say that your STYLE is what draws your customers to you!

    If we are going to talk about the "old days", then lets talk about the REAL old days! Lets talk about how it all got started with me and you: GWAILAS!
    Man! thats a name that hasnt been uttered on these forums in AGES! most new SFIers probably dont even know what it is.... for others it was probably THE sword that started them on Odins..... lord knows... I post-whored that thing to death! but for good reason! it was a game changer whether folks realized it or not.
    I mean who was doing those types of swords back then? NO ONE!
    Now who is doing them? EVERYONE!
    That says ALOT right there.
    Its really neat to hear your insight into the methods of how you do what you do, but the one part that cant be described is the ART.
    I think I speak for everyone who has ever held an Odinblade when I say that they are more than just functional swords, they are truely ART.

    Thank you again for taking the time to write this! Keep it rolling!

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    Some pictures here of some of the equipment I use. Can't take pictures of elbow grease but it's there. OOps couple Spice Girl dolls accidental of course and my buddy Freddy.
    Ya know, with pommels it's much the same as with guards, only the slots are deeper and wider on one side than the other. Some are cut from thick 1018 steel bar stock and others from solid rounds and ground to shape with the Bader spce saver and B III which both have changeable wheels and can be rund vertically or horrizontally.
    Etchings are a whole nother crazed animal spoken of in an old thread, no need to go there now. Sacabbard making is yet a more tired explanation and there are many folks who do it better than me with more historical accuracy, we can reffer to them.
    With me making swords was for many years a hobby and it was a blast, but has always been a challenge. When it became my only job it became a even more difficult. Having to take custom orders made me yearn for a simpler time when from sword to sword or knife I learned new things and grew at my own leasure. Taking crazy hard orders like damascus zweihanders seemed to actually take years off my life. There was and is something though that makes it all worth while. The way they felt in my hands and when a customer would say how good it felt and cut, performed, man that is what sends me. I always thought that music or art would be what made the mark. Those are my hobbies now, just how the cards played for better or worse. Had a couple benders and even breakers and lost a couple customers due to lateness. The learning curve can be a hairpin fishtail wipeout. Still growing all the while.
    Just want to thank so much all the folks who have had faith and patients. To those multi Odin owners a special bow and a huge bear hug. I'm very grateful for your friendship. To Sword Forum and everyone here I owe you everything and am honored to be a part of it.
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    Just a link with a couple WIP pictures for you:
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    Thanks for posting this John, quite interesting. Using peanut oil for quenching is a great idea--you can fry up a turkey, then quench a sword!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Ellis
    400 degree Peanut oil makes me think of fries
    It;s great long lasting high temp oil and safe to eat, swords like it
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    Quote Originally Posted by M.K. Ridgeway
    Thanks for writing this John! You looking for an apprentice?

    God's no0)
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    Quote Originally Posted by William Swiger
    Good article John.
    Thanks alot William, just a quick thought. Don't really know what to say and don't really like to really talk about how I do stuff but thought I would throw it out there especially the waisted years not listening.
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    400 degree Peanut oil makes me think of fries
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    Thanks for writing this John! You looking for an apprentice?

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    Good article John.