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  1. Making swords the Odin way

    Well my way anyway.

    Here are just a few methods I use and by no means the only ones to make swords.

    I start with a bar of say 1/4" thick 5160H steel and from it I cut the length, with a little spare, with a bandsaw using Bi-metal band saw blades cut and welded from a roll. If I'm going to add a fuller, I mark the beginning and end and mill the fuller about 75 thousands deep. After fuller is milled both sides, I draw the profile on the bar including tang shape. ...
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  2. How to upload pictures

    There are a few different ways to upload a picture or attach one to a thread post/comment.

    1. Users have access to a 'picture gallery' or 'album' through their profile.

    a. click on "My Profile"
    b. left hand side of the window will show an "Albums" section. Click on the name of the Album
    c. on the toolbar you will see 'Upload Pictures', click on that.
    d. click on 'Add Files'
    e. click on 'Select Files'
    f. navigate ...
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