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  1. Hi,Adrian,
    Pardon my writing because it is probably improper. I'm a new member to your forum and an enthusiast to ancient,well...mostly Asian weapons.I practiced the martial art of Hung Gar for the last 25 yrs, and along the way picked up my weapon collections due to Hung Gar's traditional weapon forms. What I did have notice is that most weapons that you can buy even with good forge were never sharpened properly. So through out the years I've been sharpening my own swords(including extensive amount of katanas). I hand sharpen individual swords and knifes on whetstones,Reshapen,recreate new cutting edges,repair accidental flat spots(when missed and hit something hard,I think we all have done that).Until the edges are usually sharper then razor with no roll. I like to provide these services to your forum members and would like to know what the costs and the rules of advertising would be. Thank you

    Ricky Chen
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