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  1. Hello sir,

    I ran across this on evil Ebay today...thoughts? e=STRK:MEWAX:IT

    I'm trying to be good and hold off until next March for the Baltimore Antique Arms Show in hopes of running across a Philippine Constabulary.....if this is what they state...tempting.

    hope all is well,

  2. George,

    I have a fellow asking a bout info on a Henry V. Allen '02 with a 5 point star. In question is the actual maker,,was Allen a maker or just retailer and he was asking about date for the sword.....I've requested photos and a bit more in for (other markings / type of grip material etc) can you shed in light on this for me? thanks
  3. greetings sir.....things are well with you I hope?

    I lost out on a super nice Horstman '02 this morning on ebay by $2....oh the agony of it all.....

    all the best
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