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  1. Dear Mark
    I am intersted in purchasing a wilkinson sword from a friend.
    It is a George V officers dress sword.
    Depictions are:-
    "British crown" "SOUTH AFRICA" "South African coat of Arms""ZUID AFRIKA"
    "coat of arms depicting a lion and a unicorn""BY WARRANT"
    "Star of David with a circle in the middle and HW in fancy gold writing"
    The sword is in good condidion, My question, is it authentic and can you give me information on its history?
    I can email you pic`s.

    Kind regards
    email is

    Please see comment from my friend below.

    "Hi Ray, the numbering you are referring to is only for UNION of South Africa swords, in other words between 1923 - 1960. Before1923 the swords were not numbered. This one does not have the number but instead some markings which looks like a crown, with the lettering "T5 E" on the blade edge.
  2. Hi Mr McMorrow
    I am new to collecting swords and want purchase a Wilkinson George V sword in South Africa. Can you avise if it is genuine and not a fake.
    Also if you could possibly elaborate on the History, I would be most grateful.

    Kind regards
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