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  1. Hi Marion,

    You can use the Insert Image icon to attach a pic (it's the second from the right on the comment box tool bar). Or you can e-mail pics or post them directly to the Antique & Military Forum.
  2. Trying To Date My Sword
    I have a sword that has been in my basement for some time and just recently pulled it out and am trying to learn a little about it. On the top of the blade it is inscribed "P. Knecht in Solingen" in script. After searching the WWW I believe it is what is called a Blucher. Since it was made by Knecht and looks much like a British M1796, I am guessing it might be an M1811 or later. As I understand it, there were two P. Knechts - a father and a son. How do I determine the age of the sword? It was given to me by my grandmother over 50 years ago and she said it was used by the Confederacy in the Civil War. Based on what I have been able to learn, this sword might be too old to have been used in the Civil War. Can you educate a neophyte to some degree. Will attempt to attache a picture. Thanks!
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