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  1. Hello, I would like to offer my services to your community. I would just like to let you know that if you need an administrator or a moderator, then I am your man. I have years of experience with forums, including years of experience with forum administration and moderation. I also excel at forum promotion, and could help you get more members on your forums. I would be willing to moderate this community for free, because I like our community here. I am excellent at detecting, preventing, and stopping spam and other unwanted materials. I'm also a very well respected member of several communities, including this one. So if you ever need a moderator, don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Hello, I'm the owner of a new gaming community, Particle Cannon. And I'm looking to get more activity on my forums. So I ask you, could you link to my forums on your website? Or perhaps we could become affiliates, in which you link to my website and I link to yours? Or perhaps you could allow me to post a topic on your forums about my website or allow me to send some of your members private messages, asking them if they would like to join my forum or not? Out of respect I'm asking you for permission, since it's your website. Plus I didn't want you to think of me as spamming your forum or break any of your rules. Whatever your choice may be, I'll respect your decision. Thank you for your time and understanding. If you would like to check out my forum and make sure it's safe and everything, the URL is:
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