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How to upload pictures

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There are a few different ways to upload a picture or attach one to a thread post/comment.

1. Users have access to a 'picture gallery' or 'album' through their profile.

a. click on "My Profile"
b. left hand side of the window will show an "Albums" section. Click on the name of the Album
c. on the toolbar you will see 'Upload Pictures', click on that.
d. click on 'Add Files'
e. click on 'Select Files'
f. navigate to the appropriate directory, select the file desired and click on 'Open'
g. repeat as necessary until all files are selected
h. click on 'Upload Files'
i. click on 'Done'
j. you will now see the images you selected for upload across the top of the Album, now click on 'Save Changes'

... the image(s) are now permanently in your picture gallery or album

To use in a thread post/comment simply left click on the image you want to reference:
a. click on the image
b. on the lower right hand side are two entries:
b.1. Picture URL: This is the URL for that specific image that can be used in any application or copy and paste into the address bar of a browser.
b.2. BB Code: This is the BBCode that can be used directly as-is in any post or comment. Just copy and paste it into what you are writing.

2. As an attachment you can simply:
a. scroll down the edit window and click on 'Manage Attachments'
b. click on 'Add Files'
c. click on 'Browse'
d. navigate to the appropriate directory, select the file desired and click on 'Open'
f. click on 'Upload'
g. click on 'Done'

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  1. Glen C.'s Avatar
    Hi Ed,

    The paperclip icon above the text window is also another way to access the loader and it enables a poster to put the thumbnails in context within a post, as opposed to the just the bar at the bottom of published posts.


  2. EdRoyce's Avatar
    You need to ask in the appropriate forum.