Group Icon!?!

  1. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow

    We need a group icon! This image will essentially function as the graphic representation used for The Wilkinson Society. Suggestions??
  2. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow
    ...btw, the icon that is currently up is a stop gap until a final selection is made.
  3. Robert Wilkinson-Latham
    Robert Wilkinson-Latham
    How about the Wilkinson double triangle and HW Proof mark?
  4. Robert Wilkinson-Latham
    Robert Wilkinson-Latham
    Here are to options
    HW's signature
    and the Proof mark and HW

  5. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow

    Thanks! Both are excellent! Added these to the group pics and have taken the liberty of setting the proof mark as the group icon until others have weighed in.
  6. John Hart
    John Hart
    Sensible choice - it's simple and elegant!

  7. John Hart
    John Hart
    Incidentally, any idea why HTML tags don't seem to work in here? They just seem to get marked up as text.

  8. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow
    good question. I'll ask Ed to have a look at that...
  9. J.G. Hopkins
    J.G. Hopkins
    I am very late to the conversation, but I heartily approve of the group icon!
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