"Mission Statement"

  1. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow

    Perhaps opening a discussion to outline the general purpose of the group is in order. With the group's creation, the goal would be to utilize our resources to discuss and archive material relating to Wilkinson Sword Company, it's products, processes and history and to catalog collector observations of Wilkinson pieces. Please feel free to contribute comments and opinions as to how we can accomplish this goal.

    It should be made clear up front that the intent of this group is not to draw away from or diminish in any way the rich Wilkinson-related conversation that occur on the Antique & Military Forum. Rather, this space can be used to capture small bits of information not significant enough to warrant a stand-alone thread or post and to collect and organize data perhaps not specifically related to swords but which may posses an ancillary value.
  2. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow
    In addition, threads specific to Wilkinson swords can be archived here and the fruits of those threads cataloged in such a manner as to provide us with a readily accessible online reference.

    Finally, this group can be used as a staging area for creating feature threads or articles on Wilkinson Swords.

  3. R. Lowe
    R. Lowe
    I've written a number of posts with details of various aspects of the manufacturing process, this of course being my area of expertise.

    Would it be appropriate to have somewhere in this group to post those for posterity?
  4. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow
    yes, absolutely. A file for archived material germane to manufacturing would be a good start. It may be possible to add plug-in applications that will function like a wiki. Will see what Ed has to say about that...
  5. R. Lowe
    R. Lowe
    If a thread is started i'll happily start populating it with what i've written in the past and if anyone else has anything they'd like me to document, please ask.
  6. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow
    that would be fantastic! Would you like the *archivist* job?
  7. R. Lowe
    R. Lowe
    As you can see from my slow reply, i'm probably not a regular enough contributor on here to take a formal 'job' but will happily contribute where i can.
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