Whatever Happened to the "Swordsman" Magazine?

  1. John Hart
    John Hart
    When I first began collecting Wilkinson swords, I joined the Wilkinson Sword Collectors' Society, and during my period of membership I received three or four copies of the "Swordsman" magazine. At this point the Society folded and publication naturally ceased. I wonder what happened to the source material or printer's proofs? This would make a great archive if old copies could be found and digitized!

  2. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow

    Don't think I've ever seen a copy! Would love to archive them here! Can scans be done and posted without copyright issues??

    Mark ~
  3. Robert Wilkinson-Latham
    Robert Wilkinson-Latham
    I think I may have a near complete set!
    I'll have a look around. There are certainly some interesting articles in early issued but there is a lot of 'Parish Magazine' style contributions in later issues and articles completely 'Off Message' and little to do with serious research.

    I have the following issues:
    2,3,5.7.8,9.10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19.20,21,22,23 and 24 which I was the last one.
    I also have a few spares:

    I also have 3 1950's films of Swordmaking at Wilkinsons, Craftsmenship in Action. This colourful World and Coal Board Mining Review which, if there is any interest I will see what the cost is to transfer to DVD from 16mm film.
  4. John Hart
    John Hart
    Hi Robert,

    I'm sure there would be keen interest in any contemporary Wilkinson material. I know what you mean about the later issues of the magazine becoming less "academic", but even they still have a value as a window into the sword collecting world of the time. If we could host the scans here that would be fantastic (presumably there are no copyright difficulties), and I for one would be happy to contibute towards copying costs to get the films made available too!

  5. Mark McMorrow
    Mark McMorrow
    I second John!
  6. R. Lowe
    R. Lowe
    I don't have any of the missing copies of the Swordsman, but i bet Nick Fox will have the missing copies as he was involved in the writing and compiling of them after John Arlett passed away.

    Is anyone still in touch with him?

    Printers proofs will be long gone i'm afraid unless Robert has any in his archive.
  7. J.G. Hopkins
    J.G. Hopkins
    Sorry, all, I forget to check in on this group! I, too, would enjoy seeing these issues hosted here or otherwise available for my consumption!
  8. J.G. Hopkins
    J.G. Hopkins
    Have you had a chance to look into digitised copies of this publication? I am also curious about the Wilkinson sword-making film. I recall seeing it on a continuous loop at the RA Leeds about 10 years ago.

    Thank you,
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