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    (forgot to say):

    Find me at:
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    Ahh, Dr. Mirrosan, Sensei....
    You very hard to find, say "glasshoppa" Donna Milem. She say you like smoke in the mist.... very hard to track. So she seek help of wilderness warrior to seek out fellow wilderness inhabitants. Cover tracks very well, you did.... but not well enough for those that dwell in the shadows......

    Renegade Samurai, indeed....... maybe you gathering your own Daimyo of Sasquatch Samurai........

    Found you , I did.......

    You find her at:

    the Goat (max)
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Since Summer 1998
How did you hear about Sword Forum?:
former forumite Keith Fink
Sword Collection:
One lone, wood's-worthy Tinker interpretation of a baselard, modified by myself to be a proper ranger blade.
Grew up in NJ, NY states, lived 16 years in TX, Nidan in MJER Iai, Nidan in ZNKR Iai, Shodan in Aikido, now live on the border between USA and Canada, between fantasy and reality, with my mate, a Dingo, a Beauceron mix, a Manx, rabbits, chickens--and yaks. Yes, yaks.
Cascadia, closer to Canada than anywhere else!
Yak Herding, Wilderness, Chickens (they're a blast!), Hiking, B5, LotR, Reading, Mongolia, Tuva--anything to do with Tuva. And did I mention Wilderness?
If I told you I'd have to---
Favorite Swords:
Working swords of all kinds.
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Previously, Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido, ZNKR iaido and Iwama Aikido, currently ronin.


In Sangha,
Diane Mirro
SFI Moderator

"In wildness is the preservation of the world."--Thoreau


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