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    Hello, how do I gain permission to post to the Cafe as a polisher? Thnak you,

    Jody R
  2. Hello, Adrian. Good morning!
    I make a query.
    Have you thought to make SFI you can check it from Tapatalk?
    I think it would be very interesting.
    Thank you very much !!!

    Jorge Iruzubieta
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    Please note this is for visitor messages, not private messages. Please use the private messages function if you wish to contact Adrian. If you wish to get in touch with the current owner of Sword Forum International, contact Mark McMorrow.
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    Hello, I would like to offer my services to your community. I would just like to let you know that if you need an administrator or a moderator, then I am your man. I have years of experience with forums, including years of experience with forum administration and moderation. I also excel at forum promotion, and could help you get more members on your forums. I would be willing to moderate this community for free, because I like our community here. I am excellent at detecting, preventing, and stopping spam and other unwanted materials. I'm also a very well respected member of several communities, including this one. So if you ever need a moderator, don't hesitate to ask.
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    mr ko, i can not post to the forum now. can you please tell me what to do ?
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    I hope it is ok for me to list my hand-made dao for sale. I am struck by the lack of craftsment in the US who make these beautiful swords, and this is the first in what I hope to be a long line of them. I want to make a study of dao, and grow as a bladesmith and professional. I will be happy to contribute a portion of the sale to whomever you designate. Thank you for this resource on swords as well as a site for posting my work.

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    Hi there,
    Firstly, I apologize for not being mindful initially. I created my user ID to be my name and a google search of my uncommon name leads immediately to swordforum. Given my new employment this is inconvenient to say the least!

    I've changed username to Warren H. (middle name) but there are 3 threads containing the text 'originally posted by Warren P*****'. Could these be edited to state 'Warren H.' The threads are the following:

    One is the quoted reply by James Aldrich in thread:

    One is the quoted reply of John Hart in threads:

    And the third is the quoted reply of Chris Holzman in thread:

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I pledge a small donation to the site if these posts could be edited.

    Many thanks,
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    Hello, I'm the owner of a new gaming community, Particle Cannon. And I'm looking to get more activity on my forums. So I ask you, could you link to my forums on your website? Or perhaps we could become affiliates, in which you link to my website and I link to yours? Or perhaps you could allow me to post a topic on your forums about my website or allow me to send some of your members private messages, asking them if they would like to join my forum or not? Out of respect I'm asking you for permission, since it's your website. Plus I didn't want you to think of me as spamming your forum or break any of your rules. Whatever your choice may be, I'll respect your decision. Thank you for your time and understanding. If you would like to check out my forum and make sure it's safe and everything, the URL is:
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    Hello Adrian, I have a lot of pictures (about 200) from my recent to the blade museum in Solingen, I'm sure the forum members would appreciate seeing.

    Any idea of where to post them?

    Kind regards from Peter in Sydney.
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    Pardon my writing because it is probably improper. I'm a new member to your forum and an enthusiast to ancient,well...mostly Asian weapons.I practiced the martial art of Hung Gar for the last 25 yrs, and along the way picked up my weapon collections due to Hung Gar's traditional weapon forms. What I did have notice is that most weapons that you can buy even with good forge were never sharpened properly. So through out the years I've been sharpening my own swords(including extensive amount of katanas). I hand sharpen individual swords and knifes on whetstones,Reshapen,recreate new cutting edges,repair accidental flat spots(when missed and hit something hard,I think we all have done that).Until the edges are usually sharper then razor with no roll. I like to provide these services to your forum members and would like to know what the costs and the rules of advertising would be. Thank you

    Ricky Chen
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