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How long have you been on Sword Forum?:
Four years.
How did you hear about Sword Forum?:
Sword Collection:
Del Tin 5143, Windlass "Lyttleton" Baskethilt, Antique German Saber and British Smallsword
I come from a one horse town in E. Texas. This town has produced more sword nuts than is statistically probable.
Carthage, Texas
Swordsmanship, knives, hunting, shooting, and fishing, chess.
College Student, serf-type labor ;-)
Favorite Swords:
Longswords, basket-hilts.
Swordsmanship Style Practiced:
German Longsword and English Shortsword


"Free speech is an act of desperation. It is a last resort, an onslaught of quiet fury, and -- in most cases -- an insult to, and abandonment of, vital social norms. Men who murder have usually lost their inhibitions only for a moment; but men who speak freely have lost them forever, and are thus as dangerous to a society as a mad dog. "-John "Birdman" Bryant

"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."—Thomas Jefferson

Beat the plowshares back into swords. The other was a maiden aunt's dream.-Robert Heinlein

You've got leaders sitting on top of nuclear arsenals who can't even pronounce the word "nuclear", and what, my sword is a threat?!? Give me a break.

It is my contention that you should be able walk down the streets of any city in America with any weapon you choose (longsword, revolver, machinegun) at your side, open or concealed. If mankind is too stupid or evil to be trusted with arms, then let us be wiped away to make room for a better race of beings.


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