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Joined on 06/07/2010
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Google search looking for info about Coupe-Choux
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Had a few that my Dad 'liberated' from Germany and France during WWII. Only have the Coupe-Choux now, along with several edged-weapons I have collected over the years. Nothing amazing, just looked cool at the time. *lol*
When I found this forum back in 2010, I was looking for info about this short sword I had kept from my Dad's collection. Turned out to be a Coupe-Choux.

I had gotten a lot of info from a member here who I recall lived in Denmark, and gave me the whole story about the sword. I have lost the emails and links to the postings here, and don't recall his name. Sorry 'bout that.

What prompted me to search again for info about this sword is that I will be putting up some pix of it on my website, Back~In~Time ( ) where I display and describe antique images that I printed from glass plates and early negatives for a client who sold them to restaurants and hotels/motels, etc.

I will be doing this sometime soon. (Today is Wed., Feb. 01, 2017)

OMG!! ...after posting this, I googled Pihet Freres and actually found an old page that I made, and it thanks Jean Binck on Sword Forum International for his information! The page was posted on June 16, 2000!

Goes to show you that NOTHING is lost on the Internet! LOL
Boca Raton, FL
Retired Deputy Sheriff
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How to not get cut while holding and looking at an edged weapon. *lol*


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