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    [WTB] Bugei Dragonfly with Bo-Hi

    Hi Guys,

    I am looking for a Bugei Dragonfly with Bo-Hi

    If you have one you'd like to sell, contact me with detailed description and pictures as well as a price you'd like to have
  2. And sold!

    And sold!
  3. answered :)

    answered :)
  4. [FS] (Kaneie) Ninecircles Kurin Shoden Shinken (check out that price, man)


    I am really trying to make room for a Bugei Dragonfly. Thus I am willing to part with my Ninecircles Shoden Shinken as well. For your information, it is a sword of this vendor called...
  5. Thank you! In fact it is an excellent cutter...

    Thank you!

    In fact it is an excellent cutter and has done me remarkable service. But it needs to go so I have space for a Bugei
  6. [For Sale, EU] Custom WKC Dragonfly spring steel katana, esp. for beginners

    I am well aware that you are not familiar with me, because this is my first post in this forum. Rest assured however, that I am well respected member of other communities and I am more than happy to...
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