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  1. Antique sosun pattah indian sword for sale, pitted childs katar and new peshkabz

    Quick draw fighting Puratan Sosun Pattah sword for sale. Extremely lightweight in fact one of the lightest shaster Iíve handled. The blade has deep fullers on each side, with a thick t spine and with...
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  3. Indo Persian Double blade dagger, Trident Spear, Lance foot, Indian Yali Dagger

    The following four antiques are for sale, prices are listed without postage.

    Close offers accepted.

    DM me or email me on if interested. Thank you!

  4. Two Antique Gold and Silver Indian Tulwars for sale

    Hi there, I have 2X gold and silver work tulwars for sale.

    one comes with the original scabbard.

    £1300 each + Postage.

    DM or email me

    Thank you!
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    18th c antique Khanda for sale

    18th c antique Khanda for sale, double edge m thick knuckle guard with a tiger face and stripes. Trishul stamp on the blade.
    No Scabbard

    £650 -
    Postage Available
    email me on...
  6. sold

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    £900 quick sale
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    Pricedrop £1000
  9. Late 18thc-ealry 19thc Gold hilted Tulwar for sale

    Late 18thc-ealry 19thc Gold hilted Tulwar for sale.

    retains most of the gold work on the hilt
    the blade seems to be carbon steel and not wootz. I have not tired to acid etch there is a chance it...
  10. Antique Indo Persian Indian hilted Afghan Choora Khyber Sword

    This sword is Indian with a Afghan twist, most probably North/South India, late 18 -early 19 C. The massive blade is in a classical shape of a Khyber sword 24 inches long and 3 inches wide. It is...
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