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    Any Master Bong Chan students here?

    Any former students of Master David Bong Chan here?
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    Absolutely. Never want to trade. Just suggesting...

    Absolutely. Never want to trade. Just suggesting that going for the leg increases the chance of a trade.

    "you would lose your balance if your leg was chopped off"

    Yes, perhaps. And continue...
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    That is true. But how about the little...

    That is true.

    But how about the little teenage girl who had her arm torn off by a shark two weeks ago surfing. She didn't feel any pain, paddled in 200 yards and lived. Would a warrior have less...
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    Revisiting leg cuts in ancient times

    Yes, leg strikes were very succesful back in the day, but no one seems to remember that these folks took a shield with them out into the field. Cover the head (sound of metal sword hitting shield)...
  5. Thoughts on control

    I understand the principle. But in practice I think it can lead to bad habits, ie, point-sparring Karateka who have not trained the idea of destroying their target. I personally favor light weapons,...
  6. The otherside of the coin

    I was a guest at that event this weekend and was impressed by both schools. I noticed your students did go for the legs a lot and occassionally got them cleanly.

    Something to think about: Your...
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