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Thread: "Blades In Action" by D. A. Kinsley

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    "Blades In Action" by D. A. Kinsley

    Quote: "This supplement to 'Sword Fighters of British India' (new edition: 'Swordsmen of the Raj') and 'Sword Fighters of the British Empire' includes sections on swords vs. bayonets and lances or spears, sword or combat knives and knifers, and many additional narratives and commentaries. With numerous illustrations." Now available in paperback, hardback, and ebook from (or, etc.) and in paperback only from and within a day or so.

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    "Blades In Action" by D. A. Kinsley

    Now available in paperback from and Add "download" to the availability from

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    Swordsmen of the Empire - D. A Kinsley 3 Volumes

    For those of you who weren't aware, have now published all three books in one volume titled as above, £16 inc postage to UK, my copy arrived within 3 days! Paperback, many illustrations of old battle prints, can't add anymore to the existing reviews, but I think a well compiled and worthy addition.

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    Swordsmen of the Empire

    Thanks, Ben, for notifying us! I see that it is also available from and Three volumes for approximately the price of one in the trilogy.

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