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That's just pure evil

Dave P
Yes, it is.

I ran across the video we took of us doing the test fairly recently at home. I watched it again and the only thought that went through my mind was "what the *heck* were you thinking?" Big Tony gave a strong cut and that blade was really too close for comfort. The odd thing was that I didn't feel impact -- I just heard a whack and then nothing. Then I looked at the end of the jo and it was gone.

FWIW the blade cut about halfway into the jo before the rest just fractured out (I would guess the "parting" of the wood by the blade going through caused the rest to fracture). But it was odd -- both Tony and I had a brief moment of cognitive dissonance when it happened. You get all prepped for some big clash and then there was nothing. Then we both noticed the top of the jo had vanished...

By the way, no blade damage either. L6 by Howard Clark. 1 Inch diameter jo.