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Thread: New sword, new photographer

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    New sword, new photographer

    I just finished a European piece from around the 4th -5th century and as always needed it photographed but, as always, was in a huge time crunch. Many of my best pieces have went out the door with no photo record because the way I work often has the customer chomping at the bit for shipping and I have never like the idea of shipping a customers brand new blades all around the country to anybody but them. This has always left me in a bind that has me driving all over the country and trying to match my schedule with the photographers regularlyfeatured in knife publications.

    So last week I had one of those paradigm shifts in my way of thinking the problem out. I doubt anybody could make a lucrative living from just snapping photos for knifemakers, so I asked myself, why not see if there are any really good product photographers in my area? I looked up some in the Lansing area and found a website that had impressive pictures of glassware and I thought to myself- if this guy can shoot glass, he can shoot blades.

    Well I gave him a call and was surprised to find how eager this guy was to work with me, so I made the 35 minute drive to his studio to discuss things. When I arrived I found out why he was so accommodating- the guy really digs swords and had actually attended a lecture I did at MSU with Hank Reinhardt back in 1996!

    The actual shoot was a real joy, almost a collaborative effort, although he is definitely the expert. Since the guy guarantees your satisfaction anyhow, allowing me to look into the viewfinder before the final shutter snap was no problem. As we looked though his props and backgrounds we found an old weathered map of the Roman Empire and both had that eureka moment about how well it would go with this sword. To top it off he set up an FTP online so I instantly had my picture one week after the shoot.

    Anyhow to make a long story short, I know –too late, I got my sword photographed and only had to travel as far as I normally do to get tools, welding supplies, or a good single malt, and I am helping out another Michigan business (we need all the help we can get here).

    Oh, and the sword- O1/L6 (with a hint of O2 for accent), buffalo horn handle, with real bronze fittings.

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    Absolutely brilliant! This is my favorite sword of yours that has been posted on SFI. I hope your new relationship with the photographer means more pictures for us in the future! Thank you very much for posting this stunning sword.


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    Ooo... shiny...

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    Your sword looks gorgeous. Really nice bronze and black styling too.

    To the both of you guys:
    Awesome job!
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    Stunning! Hope to see much more Kevin!

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    One of the most beautiful swords to grace these forums in a long time.

    Amazing... truly amazing.
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    Im not even a fan of that style, but damn thats beautiful! Very nice with the map background also - truly pro. Brass and black usually looks good together, very good call, and the pattern on the blade, combined with the whole thing... just gorgeous. Very nice.

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    Beautiful sword!! I also hope this new business relationship results in us getting to see much more of your work.

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    Cant say enough about this sword. Beautiful Kevin. Kudos to the Photographer too!
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    Fantastic work, truly fantastic.

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    Thumbs up

    Sweet! What a wonderful balance of raw power and artistic finesse. Kudos! Also, the photography is brilliant! What a dynamic synthesis.
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    Damn you.

    Now I need to add another name to my list of smiths that I have to eventually get a blade off.

    It's gorgeous.

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    Beautiful! Youre an inspiration!
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    Wow!!! That is fantastic. There's nothing quite like a nice pattern welded migration blade. Thank you so much for sharing.
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    wow, that's all I can say Kevin. I love it

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    Beautiful work as usual, Your pictures are dangerous I am not sure I have room for a fifth sword over the fireplace.

    Beauty, Bench Eater, and and the other two we never got around to naming are doing fine.


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    That's gorgeous Kevin!!

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    Wow, this one turned out great, good job. Love the damascus and shape of the handle. The only thing I'd like to see... is a little bit of patina on those fittings.

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    now I need a new keyboard, its full of slime from my mouth.
    very nice art work.
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    Amazing! This sword really is beautiful.

    I waaaaant it!

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    I never thought I could look at a sword and feel like I just cheated on my girlfriend... it's just that beautiful. Remarkable work there.
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