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Thread: SwordFish 2010 & Tournament Results

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    SwordFish 2010 & Tournament Results

    Greetings, All!

    I'm back from Sweden, where SwordFish 2010 has just ended. As always, Anders & Co. put on a fantastic event. This was the year of the Slovaks, with two separate groups visiting from Trnova and Bratislava. Anton Kohutovic, Martin Fabian, and their entourage of fighters made a big impression with their hardcore training and their fighting spirit. Fighters and instructors came from as far away as Mexico (Arturo Carmargo) and the United States (Jeff Tsay, Scott Brown; fighters Henry Rhodes, Nathan Grepares). There were lots of great workshops, from a variety of martial traditions.

    There were several tournaments (Dussack, steel longsword, nylon longsword, rapier, women's longsword). I had the pleasure of being one of the judges in both the longsword tournaments, so I had a ringside view of the fights. It's clear that the level of fencing skill continues to rise in our community.

    The finals in each of the tournaments were fought on Saturday night, and Scott Hellroth of GHFS put on his best ringside boxing announcer's voice and presided over the fights as referee. I was happy to let others judge, so I could sit back and enjoy a series of really entertaining fights. The winners were the following:

    Dussack: Andreas Engstrom, Sweden, GHFS
    Rapier: Phil Marshall, United Kingdom, School of the Sword
    Women's Mixed Weapons: Krisztina Nagy, Hungary, Ars Ensis
    Open Mixed Weapons: Thomas Nyzell, sword & buckler fighter from Uppsala, Sweden
    Steel Longsword: Axel Pettersson, Sweden, GHFS

    Out of all these great fighters, I would like to put a spotlight on the great performance of Krisztina Nagy of Hungary, who won the Women's Mixed Weapon Tournament. Congratulations to Szab Waldmann and Ars Ensis, who can be justifiably proud of Krisztina. She's a great fighter, with rock-solid technical skills and great fighting spirit. Krisztina is easily among the best female fighters I've ever seen; I predict she will become the Axel Pettersson of the women's tournament circuit. The girl can fight!

    Speak of the Devil: Axel Pettersson has done it again (groan), winning the steel longsword tournament. He beat Anders Linnard in an exciting match, complete with a shower of sparks. Kudos to the King, who has now taken first place in 6 out of 8 tournaments he has fought in since May 2009. Only the Poles managed to slow him down in a recent tournament in September; unfortunately, they couldn't make it to SwordFish this year.

    All in all, a great event. Well done, Anders!


    - Matt Galas
    Matt Galas
    Mons, Belgium

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    Congratulations to all participants and organisers!!!

    I expect that the price of fame in any circle, is that it attracts a lot of attention

    I'm sure I can say that there are many young Hema practitioners around the world who are watching and studying these kinds of tournaments very carefully (I myself being one of them)

    At some point in our study, we will all want to try our steal against some of the worlds best! Cheers again to Anders and Axel.


    Aaron Bolarinho
    Caput Inclinatum, Ferrum Strictum, Genu Flexum.

    Toronto, Canada


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