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Thread: Model 1855 sabre bayonet and scabbard for the U.S. Model 1841 Rifle

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    Model 1855 sabre bayonet and scabbard for the U.S. Model 1841 Rifle

    A U.S. Civil War saber bayonet for the "Mississippi Rifle".

    U.S.Percussion Rifle, Model 1841.(Mississippi Rifle)
    Lock marked E WHITNEY (over US)
    N. HAVEN (over) 1848...still in .54 calibre.

    Caliber .54 rifled with seven grooves (some guns were re-rifled to .58 caliber after 1855, together with the addition of a long distance rear sight, and a different ramrod.) The lock plate on these guns was case-hardened, and the barrel was lacquer browned. The black walnut stock was oil-finished. As originally produced, the Model 1841 rifle was not fitted for a bayonet of any type.

    This model was the first regulation percussion arm to be produced with a rifled barrel and was considered the finest military rifle of its day.

    Total production at Harpers Ferry Armoury was 25,296 guns with an additional 45,500 rifles manufactured by six other contractors.

    This model first developed its name "Mississippi Rifle" after having been used by the First Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Battle of Buena Vista in February 1847, under the command of Jefferson Davis during the Mexican War. (1846-1848)

    In addition to deciding on the increase in caliber, it was also decided to adapt the brass-hilted saber bayonet to the Model 1841 Rifles. The saber bayonets for these rifles were of three types.

    The bayonet shown is a second type bayonet that is of a more common lug type. The alterations were made at Harpers Ferry between 1855 and 1857, 10,286 bayonets of this type were produced.

    The (Second Type) bayonet and scabbard are the M1855 for the U.S. Model 1841 rifle as shown.

    The markings on the bayonet.
    The lower P is the "proved" mark. The upper initials PB are the Harpers Ferry inspector's initials.

    Two PB inspectors initials....I have no idea.

    PB Pomeroy Booth, ASI 1862
    PB Peter Barrett, USN gunner--Colt Model 1860 and 1861 revolvers 1862-71

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    I have an identical saber bayonet that I picked up in Fredericksburg, VA back in 1992 for $100. It has the same PBP stamp on the blade, and a B (same as yours in the picture above) on the very edge of the brass on the handle, and a large DWG stamped on the top where yours has the small Z. I suspect the DWG are someone's initials because the letters are not straight or aligned and appear to be hand stamped. I don't have the scabbard. It's in reasonably good condition, about the same as yours pictured here.

    Maybe someday I'll find a rifle to mount it on!

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    I've owed a couple M 1841 Rifles. Still own and shoot the Remington 1853 dated Mississippi Rifle, in 54 Cal. Might be getting a sword/bayonet for it, however I have read there are several fits for the 1841 model lugs. A fellow collector owns 4 Mississippi rifles and told me Confederate sword/bayonet fits only Confederate modified 1841 and will not fit a Union 1841 Rifle.
    Thanks for the above information.


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