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Thread: Hello here and already have a question

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    Hello here and already have a question

    Hello everybody

    I am new here...have just bought my first sword, and I already have a question.

    I have long been interested in the early medieval history, especially the Anglo/Saxon-Viking conflict and the huge expeditions the Scandinavians undertook in those days.

    Just before Christmas I suddenly felt the need to finally get me my own was meant to be historically acceptable, of good quality and reasonably priced. I googled a bit and found the web pages of the sword buyers guide, there I saw the reviews of the Siklestad sword and going further I found the other viking sword of that company, the one with the 5 toe pommel. I found a good deal here in Germany and purchased one for 135EUR.
    Now, from looking at other more expensive swords and reading about them I realized that this sword would need to be modified a bit to become more authentic and personal. I intend to shorten the grip a bit and to re-cover the scabbard or even make a new one. I have no problems working with metal to a certain degrees but I have no clue how those grips were made. The one on my sword it absolutely crap, chrome tanned black leather machine sewn down the side. I would love to a have a grip a bit like the one on the Hedemark Viking sword, it's made with cord glued on and wrapped in leather?
    So what I am after for now is a set of instructions on how to make such a grip myself. A link with description, pictures, a video, anything that will get me going. Also reference material on viking style scabbards would be highly appreciated.

    thanks a lot

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    Hi Uwe,

    you'll find a lot of tips at the "home Improvements" subforum here
    (Look for the older posts.)

    And in the customization area of SBG forum:

    And - where did you get the sword for that price?

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    Hi Uwe
    If you can strip off the old leather you can re wrap the grip core yourself. If it's glued well it may take an hour with a sharp sturdy knife to shave away the old glue and leather.

    You may be able to reshape the old grip core to a certain degree using files and such, though bear in mind where the tang is likely to be in there, and keep some meat around it. The tang will probably taper from 3/4" at the guard to 12" at the pommel - or a little narrower seeing as it's a windlass.

    I like to use leather cord for risers as it cuts and joins nice and cleanly and superglues to the wood readily to hold it there for the final gluing of the wrap. You may like to do a fine cord/string underwrap which will improve the durability of the core. Risers can then be added to the cord layer befor the leather wrap is added.
    A cord wrap over the leather while the glue dries will keep it pressed in snug to the risers.

    If you shoot me a PM or email I'll send you some links to some tutorials I've put together.
    Keep us posted with your improvements.


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