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Thread: Indo-Persian(?) Pesh Kabz to share

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    Indo-Persian(?) Pesh Kabz to share

    Hi All,

    I'm only an infrequent visitor here as British military swords are my main area of interest, but I recently acquired this nice old pesh kabz in with a collection of bigger swords. Thought you might like to see it - I love the blade shape and although originally destined for resale it's grown on me to the extent that I now think I'll hang on to it!

    The whole thing is quite plain and functional, with only a little decoration on the back edge of the blade. The leather scabbard was a new one to me, and most of the other examples I've seen have had much more ornate scabbards and hilts. This piece I think is just there to "do the job". I'd be interested in any comments or observations.

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    Hello John,

    Not my area either, but I have a couple of these, very elegant in appearance.

    Looks like a nice practical weapon!

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    i sort of fell in love with middle eastern pieces my self John, and have a few similar to this one

    It is a good sturdy 'work horse' to me. Not something to use as a dinner knife something to use in a nasty back ally or wadi fight.


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