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Thread: Moved? Where/why was my Q. moved?

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    Question Moved? Where/why was my Q. moved?

    Gday, can you explain what the" moved " icon, reperesents, and where was I moved to? R. Wilkinson-Latham, has answered two questions for me, in terriffic fashion, but am still confused! Was my last question simply posted in the wrong place, being a different topic/sword? Love your work people, and think the whole S.F.I. forum is excellent. Please help a willing participant, back on track!

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    Hi Miles,

    You posted the question initially in the General Discussion room

    That redirect is still there for you to follow. If you entered through the forum index, you might note the Antique&Military room is right at the beginning of the index

    If I recall correctly, I did move that one myself and it was to get the question to the man most quickly able to help in the Antique & Military room.

    The current location of that discussion is there in the Antique & Military room.

    By clicking on the moved link, it will take you to the A&M room and that discussion. The forum it is currently in will show at the top of the page. I do generally move antique military items and questions to the more appropriate section as they are there for some time and then another responder asks why they aren't moved or should be, or posted again in another section. Yes, it was through my discretion in trying to help out. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. You can also find your own posts and threads via your own profile. You can subscribe to threads.

    Some folk enter the board only through one bookmarked section and I believe Robert is one such that may only ever visit the A&M room. I bookmark the index and then click the option above to view new posts. It saves me a little time and alerted your own inquiry today as an order of business.


    Hotspur; some get pretty upset about such moves but that is has been, often leaves a link in more than just two sections

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    Cheers Glen!

    Thanks for the advice Glen, it`s my " I.T," in-eptness, that fails me I`m afraid,nothing more. Thanks again!


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