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Thread: Tinker Pearce Tactical CSD- with video

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    Tinker Pearce Tactical CSD- with video

    Overall Length: 14 inches
    Blade Length: 9 inches
    Blade width @ Base: 1-3/4 inches
    Blade Maximum Width: 2 inches
    Blade Thickness: 3/8 inch
    Hilt Overall Length: 5 inches
    Center of Gravity: 1 inch from base of blade
    Weight: 1lb. 12 oz.
    Khukuris are the iconic fighting knife of the Gurkha warriors of Nepal, but they are also used throughout Nepal and Northern India as all-purpose utility knives and weapons. This modern Khukuri features a full-profile tang, ergonomic handle shape, removable G10 scales and a selectively hardened 5160 spring steel blade. The blade is convex-ground to a zero-edge. This knife is provided with a leather belt scabbard.

    I wanted to showcase the cutting power and utility of the CSD here, as I did in last week's video for the CSD-Micro. There's a bit of unintentional comedy to it- as the tree that I selected this week was of much, much tougher wood than the tree from last week's video and I have a rough time of it! Still- the knife does work and I think impressively!

    See it Here- Fine knives, swords and daggers in the style of the European Middle Ages and Viking Era

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    That blade looks tenacious! It really does look like a workhorse. I don't think the video was comedic at all! That was a rather thick piece of wood there! Doing some cleanup work on the appalacian trail, i know how tough wooding like that can be. It wouldve taken several whacks with a machete to fell it, nevermind a compact(relatively) knife like that!
    The g10 looks fantastic! I love the whole look of the piece! Always nice to see what you come up with next, sir. ::high five::
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