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Thread: New Falchion

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    New Falchion

    Oakeshott Type: n/a
    Overall Length: 30-3/8 inches
    Blade Length: 24 inches
    Blade width @ Base: 1-1/2 inches
    Blade Width @ Widest point point: 2-1/4 inches
    Blade Thickness @ Base: .212 inch
    Blade Thickness 3 inches from Point: .197 inch
    Hilt Overall Length: 6-3/8 inches
    Length of Handle: 4 inches
    Pommel Type: J
    Guard Type: 1
    Center of Gravity: 4 inches from guard
    Location of Blade Node (measured from Guard): approx. 17 inches
    Primary Hilt Node: approx. 1/4 inch from cross on handle
    Weight: 2lbs 14 oz
    Sword in the style of certain falchions of the 14th through mid 15th C. Blade is 5160 spring steel hardened to HRc58-60, then selectively drawn down to HRc45-48 through the spine, shoulders and tang. The edge is a 'rolled' type edge. The octagonal-section guard and Type 'J' pommel are made from Mild Steel. The handle is sandwiched hardwood with risers at the top, bottom and center. The handle is wrapped in real linen cord then covered in brown chrome-tanned leather. The hilt is secured by passing a reduced section of the tang through the pommel and riveting the tang ove the pommel

    Falchions of this unusual looking blade style are represented extensively in art in the period cited above but there are few extant examples in this style, notably the one in the Musee de Armee. Contemporary artwork shows a variety of forms. This powerful cutting blade has a stout tip for thrusting as well. Despite being relatively heavy the short blade means that reduced moment-arm keeps it lively. This piece comes standard with a simple leather scabbard, but a wooden scabbard covered in leather with metal furniture can be ordered at additional cost.

    I am considering shortening the cross- your thoughts?
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    Nice, I agree about shortening the cross. Maybe 3/4 - 1 inch off each side?
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