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    Swords And Swordsmen

    "Swords And Swordsmen" by Mike Loades

    Author Mike Loades utilizes his practical knowledge gained from years of
    extensive stage, screen & production experience and combines it with
    in-depth knowledge and a deep appreciation of the subject matter.
    Following the trajectory of history, “Swords And Swordsmen” sets the
    reader off on a unique examination of swords, their development and use.
    The handsome, 494 page volume (including glossary, bibliography and index)
    investigates both the technical aspects as well as the societal impetus
    behind sword evolution in a way that is both academic as well as highly
    fascinating. Beginning in ancient Egypt and wrapping up in the early 20th
    Century, this comprehensive book covers manufacturing and smithing
    techniques, sword anatomy and typology, fencing, dueling and the role of
    honour concepts. Most interestingly, “Swords And Swordsmen” presents
    swords as seen through the eyes of prominent historical figures who used
    them and of particular interest is the highly detailed focus on actual
    pedigree pieces. Generously illustrated with period images, fine line
    drawings and photographs of original antique swords from museums and
    private collections. Whether a new enthusiast just starting out, a
    practitioner of the sword arts or an advanced aficionado or collector,
    there is something in “Swords And Swordsmen” for everyone and Mike Loades
    brings this book to life in a manner which has become widely recognized as
    a hallmark of his superb work. This book is a must for your bookshelf!
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