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    New work

    From drawing in the morning to reality in the evening, i have been wanting to make this shape for awhile now. Forged from 1095, it's got a hamon I need to bring out but I saw it after hardening, very nice and straight and looks real good. I call it maybe, Hari Sasu, for needle stab LOL. Tapers from where the handle meets the blade, thickest is 9/32", 11 1/4" overall, 4 3/8" handle 6 3/4" blade, 1 5/8" wide at the base of the blade.

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    Slammin Sammy - that is pretty cool. I can't wait to see the hamon. Pointy as heck. Depending upon how solid the tip is, you could get a heck of a stick with that thing using the 1/4 rotation throw style.

    nice one. good day when stuff goes right, and you get a product at the end. I usually get a pile of scraps and the need for a new idea.


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