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    Hello everyone,

    I thought in this Thread, we could share and collect all of our bouts concerning Scottish Martial traditions and related bouts. Not only our own, but also interesting ones, we find in the web.

    For the beginning, here are the actual bouts of the Broadsword Academy Germany, happening at the monthly Sparrings-meeting organized by the Dog Brothers Trainingsgroup The Wolfpack:


    Umbrella/Walking-Stick-Bout (here we decided to do no groundfighting and to search for enclosing situations primary):

    Broadsword, Targe & Dirk:

    Broadsword & Targe vs Double-Katana:

    Broadsword & Targe vs Espada y Daga:

    Broadsword-Bout 1 (my opponent is a Modern Arnis Black-Belt who does no sword-fencing, but some FMA-blade stuff, but he was very interested in the Broadsword, so I gave him a short personal-instruction and he wanted to do a bout after that. For the first time, he did very well, I think):

    Broadsword-Bout 2 (vs one of our new two students):

    Finally there was a nice fun-experiment:

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    Great bouts Heiko.

    Here's a video advertisement I created to try and get other local martial artists from various styles to join our Martial Exchange group. My training partner/opponent is a 7 Star Praying Mantis instructor.

    I'll probably post our full bouts from the clips you've seen in this video and other new ones in their entirety once I get them sorted out.

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    Mixed Bout

    In the sense of the MacGregor Method we did a mixed bout with free weapon-choice, with weapons we never or seldom used before:

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