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Thread: Stolen Scottish dirk ca. 1810-1820

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    Stolen Scottish dirk ca. 1810-1820

    I have joined this excellent forum much too late. A year ago my early Scottish dirk was stolen during shipping from Canada to France. It is of a very recognizable type, attributed to D. MacIntyre, Kenmore : silver studded interlace pattern handle to dirk, by-knife and fork, bright-cut engraved silver pommel and mounts below handle, on top of sheath and on top and behind the sheaths for the cutlery.

    Either the parcel was opened after posting or the seller fraudulently sent it empty, which I cannot prove as this would have required help from the seller's local post office. However, I have the police record and bill as proof of my ownership and the loss. I did not claim insurance in order to remain the rightful owner of this item.

    Should anyone come across this dirk or know about its whereabouts please send me a private message. I am also desperately trying to find a dirk of similar vintage, not necessarily as ornate, and would gladly consider offers.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Pictures of the stolen dirk

    The pictures do not show, I try again to upload them

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    Quote Originally Posted by A. Hartmann View Post
    The pictures do not show, I try again to upload them

    I am not a Photobucket client but you should be able to copy the image urls with the img tags already attached for forum use

    Alternately, just share the entire gallery but it must be accessible to others.



    The four pictures here
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    Thanks for your help! Great!

    best regards,

    A. Hartmann

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Andreas. I'll copy this over to the Scottish Lifestyles forum, as there are a number of Scottish-related collectors who surf that forum.

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    Thank you very much Mark, I appreciate you help!

    I am quite desperate, this dirk may surface again only in a distant future, when the thief or, maybe, the former owner from Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada who may never have sent it, dies, who knows. Should you see a similar item for sale please let me know, I would like to make up for the loss.

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