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Thread: Looking for ca. 1800 Scottish dirk

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    Looking for ca. 1800 Scottish dirk

    My request is related to my thread on the Stolen Sword forum.

    I am looking for an antique Scottish dirk with by-knife and fork, ca. 1800 or earlier, silver mounted, to make up for the loss of the stolen one (I will hardly find one of the same kind again). I missed out on the one offered a month ago, which would have been perfect. If you consider parting with such an item please send me a private message.
    Thank you.
    A. Hartmann

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    Didc you recieve my reply to your request?

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    Looking for a ca. 1800 Scottish dirk.

    A. Hartman - I have been trying to contact you. I'm afraid that I'm not very good at this internet thing. I have a dirk that appears to fit the description of the dirk that you are looking for. If we can set up a communication, I will tell you about it. - P. Harris

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    Hello, I did not see your reply. Could you send me a pm? Thanks

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