Martinez Academy of Arms and its guest Raven Arts Institute are pleased to host a 3 day Spanish Martial Arts Weekend. Maestros Ramón Martínez, Jeannette Acosta-Martínez, and James Loriega will be teaching and demonstrating the universal applications of Spanish bladed combat theory.

Spanish theory, techniques and methods are based on understanding of the movements of the weapon, arm and body. This system was easily adaptable to a great variety of weapons. Successive generations of Spanish "Diestros" adapted this approach to suit their needs, according to the conditions of their time and place.

This seminar will demonstrate a continuum of the theory and how it was applied or incorporated into the use of a variety of types of weapons. The main focus will be the foundational elements of “movement” of the body and weapon. We will apply the theory to the sword, rapier, and sabre. Maestro James Loriega will present how Spanish theory is applied in using the great stick and the Navaja.

For more information, the schedule, equipment requirements and Registration forms go to http://www.martinez-destreza.com/spa...l_arts_weekend
Pre-registration: $150.00 (post marked by Aug 4th), otherwise it's $200.00

If you have any questions just let me know.

Take care,
Jared Kirby