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Thread: Questions about a Custom Katana.

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    Questions about a Custom Katana.

    I am considering a purchase from the following site:

    The price is right, but I have some concerns about the quality of the blade. I am wondering if anyone has some first hand experience with them, and if not then perhaps someone more knowledgeable then myself can take a look at the site and see what they think.

    This would be my first purchase of a "real" Japanese styled blade, and as such I am unsure of what to look for. My first concern is whether or not the hammon is real. The site's author claims that it is, but I cannot tell from the pictures, so some clarification there would be nice.

    I am also concerned about the composition of this "T-10" Steel. According to the site it contains tungsten, but after some digging it appears this may be false about T-10 in general.

    Another concern is the picture shown under the option to have the blade folded for an additional $60. It looks more like an acid wash to me designed to give the illusion of patterned steel.

    My intended use would be recreational cutting of tatami rolls, and bamboo. I was attracted to this sword due to the customization options, and being able to take part in the build of the product.

    Any information is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to any replies.

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    I would advise saving your money. 330 dollars does not a good custom sword buy.
    I like swords.


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