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Thread: a caucasian shashka ??

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    a caucasian shashka ??

    Hi all,

    2 recent messages are taking about shashkas.
    This is an opportunity for me to show my shashka and to appeal to your knowledge.

    I think it's a caucasian shashka from the end of the 19's, but yet, I am wary about the scabbard which look like Persian and the "gurda's mark" (the eyelasher) found on the blade.

    could you help me?

    With kind regards, JM
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    I believe either the sword is rehilted or the scabbard does not belong to this shashka. Unlike this one, Circassian shashka scabbards usually cover all of the hilt and you can see in the last picture that there is a groove on the locket for a cross-guard.
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    I agree with Sancar, looks like a rehilt. The blade is very similar to Pulwar/tulwar blades.. the stamps and shape that is, but am no expert.

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    Shashka is fine & blade is correct, scabbard is from something else like a Kilich by the looks of it.


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