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Thread: Interesting yet unknown dagger and scabbard from who knows where... Please help!

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    Interesting yet unknown dagger and scabbard from who knows where... Please help!

    To make a long story short...

    When I was 13 (27 now) I traded my Nintendo for this dagger. The kid I traded it with told me the following story, "I got it from my Grand-father who took it from some guy he killed in Japan during WW2". Now that seems a bit cliche but all I got is the fact it came from somewhere in that area (thus why I am posting here). This is a very interesting dagger, and I once showed it to a Angel Swords sales-person who told me it came from some country (I remotely remember it being a country in Asia). He then offered me some piddly change for it, but I don't want to sell it. I find it to be very unique.

    Some things I wish to learn about it:
    • What is the blade made of?
    • What is the rest of it made of?
    • Where is it from?
    • When is it from?
    • Are there symbolic meanings to the parts on it?

    I very much appreciate your time.

    Image 01
    Image 02
    Image 03
    Image 04
    Image 05
    Image 06
    Image 07
    Image 08
    Image 08
    Image 10
    Image 11
    Image 12
    Image 13
    Image 14
    Image 15
    Image 16
    Image 17
    Image 18
    Image 19
    Image 20
    Image 21
    Image 22
    Image 23
    Image 24
    Image 25
    Image 26
    Image 27
    Image 28
    Image 29
    Image 30
    Image 31
    Image 32
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    It is a fantastic piece. I hope you get some answers.

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    Right off the bat my instincts say it came from some where in Africa. As far as the materials go, it looks like a steel blade with a combination of raw hide and leather weave on the scabbard, guard, handle, and pommel of the piece. That is my opinion. I hope it helps.

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